The Glencar site team at our Big Yellow Self Storage site in Camberwell has welcomed 15 Construction Science students and their professors from Texas A&M University, in a continuation of our partnership with educational provider Anglo Educational.

Following a presentation on the project, the students were accompanied on a site tour by Glencar project manager James Cregan, where they were able to see various processes currently underway including basement waterproofing, and the pouring of floor screed in preparation for adding cladding, brickwork and roofing to the building’s steel frame.

The students were especially intrigued by the logistical and other constraints imposed by working in the heart of one of the largest and busiest cities in the EU, and were impressed with Glencar’s client-centric approach and record of repeat business.

Glencar is just past the halfway point of a 54 week programme at Camberwell, where they are constructing a new five storey (including basement) 62,000 sq ft self storage facility. Works will include the creation of four staircase enclosures, two passenger lift shafts and partitions.

Earlier this year, Glencar hosted an intern student from Texas A&M at the Camberwell project and will be working with Professor Steve Rodgers and the University team to facilitate further placements from Spring 2020.

Texas A&M are advocates of the Build Texas Proud movement which seeks to support workforce development and promote careers in construction, in alignment with Glencar’s ongoing commitment to promote a positive image of construction and encourage more young people into the industry.