Where do I start, a day in the life of a bid coordinator especially at this moment in time for Glencar – a successful fast paced growing company – it is full of adrenaline rushes, gratitude and a sense of satisfaction!

I moved to Glencar in April 2020 so I am fast approaching my 1 year anniversary however, it genuinely feels like I’ve been here for only a short period of time, they say time flies when you’re having fun. From the first month of joining Glencar the following months workload have increased drastically which has enabled me to take on Morgan Patterson as a Trainee Bid Coordinator, part time, for an initial 6 month period with the hope of full time employment at the end of this time.

Now a day in the life for myself is very hard to define as no two days are ever the same, however the outcome is consistent in regards to a sense of relief for submitting on time and the feeling of accomplishment for making the team’s vision come to life with a full robust submission document completed to a high level of quality.

Each day varies depending on what is required to be completed. I will receive an email notification which will detail what is requested from Glencar to be submitted. From this moment Morgan and I are responsible for taking the EOI/PQQ/Tender from email request to submission and interview stages if required.

The process very briefly includes, but definitely is not limited to; organising the chosen team’s diaries, creating and completing aesthetically pleasing InDesign templates and producing quality presentations for client appearances. Each individual process includes an extensive amount of input and consideration from Glencar as a team to become a successful offer and we take great pride in fulfilling the client requests.

I must say one of the best things about being a bid coordinator is seeing a project through from conception to completion, the satisfaction from submitting a bid electronically to being awarded the project and physically watching it come to life through construction on site is incomparable to me.