A day in the life of a QS depends where you are in the month.

Some periods are especially busy, for instance when we have subcontractor payments to assess, internal reporting deadlines or when it’s time to submit our applications for payment to the client.

Other weeks are quieter as nothing is due and this is when you get a chance to catch up on emails and progress on site – however even the quieter weeks can be manic!

A typical day for me would be to get to site for 8am- as we can be working anywhere in the country this can involve an early start, although Glencar try to keep you within an hour’s commute where practically possible.

I’ll then catch up with the site team on the plans on site for the week ahead and walk out with the Project Manager to discuss any issues that have arisen since my last visit.

Hopefully a bacon sandwich is involved somewhere and then I’ll spend some time catching up on unanswered emails from the day before.

Once all of that is sorted, its back to the bread and butter tasks we need to complete to ensure the project is successfully managed commercially.

One of the key tasks is ensuring all of the subcontract packages are procured in good time so as to maintain our target programme. I will refer back to the procurement schedule to see which packages are coming up and then before we get someone on board; I will send out enquiries, analyse tender returns and ultimately make a recommendation to the senior team. There may be other small, albeit important items to procure to keep the site team happy such as cabin furniture or consumables and then typically there will be at least one meeting in the day, either internally, with the client or a subcontractor.

This is how three or four days of the week look and then the rest of the time is based in the office catching up on the more administrative tasks such as managing payments and maintaining a live forecast which shows the overall position of the job.