Making it happen

Glencar is an exciting, ambitious and customer-centric business with people at its heart. Colleagues are empowered and encouraged to take responsibility and make decisions and are supported to fulfil their potential.

Our culture. What makes us different?

Our people are central to our organisation; they are appreciated and valued. We’re committed to working together with equal parts humility and ambition – and genuinely enjoy helping one another to succeed.

We prioritise support for the development and growth of all team members, and colleagues are encouraged to seek responsibility and empowered to make positive decisions.

With a mix of gender, ages and ethnicities in our workforce, we respect and celebrate diverse backgrounds and views and acknowledge the positive contributions made at all levels of experience and across all departments.

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Grow your career

As a dynamic and innovative company, Glencar is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment where employees can thrive and excel.

From the moment you join the team, you will have access to a wide range of training and development opportunities designed to help you enhance your skills and knowledge. You will work alongside experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are passionate about what they do and are dedicated to helping you succeed.


Find your purpose

Glencar is involved in a wide range of projects that help to improve the built environment, create jobs, and support economic growth.

Whether you are working on a large-scale commercial development, a new residential project, or an infrastructure project, you will have the opportunity to make a real impact on people’s lives. You will be part of a team that is committed to delivering high-quality projects that are safe, sustainable, and innovative.


Advance your skills through training

We are passionate about providing you with the opportunity to enhance your personal and professional development. We wholeheartedly believe that training and ongoing development is an essential component of our business growth and success.

We have numerous opportunities that will encourage development from; apprenticeships, leadership training and providing one-off training requirements for a range of enhanced interpersonal or technical skills from across the spectrum.

Through regular Performance and Development Reviews (PDR’s) we set objectives and identify areas for improvement to ensure that you have the opportunity to realise your full potential with us.


We’ve got your back

Workplace health and mental wellbeing are high on the agenda at Glencar and we work hard to foster a supportive culture and give all colleagues the tools and training that they need in order to thrive.

We have trained several Mental Health First Aiders and mental health support is available as part of our benefits package. All team members can also access an individual healthcheck, nutrition consultation, personalised fitness programme, expert health case management and private healthcare.

Equality and Diversity

We have a proactive approach to ensuring all employees, contractors and suppliers are clear on our expectations regarding equal opportunities. All employees will receive written confirmation of our policies and expectations as part of their induction.

Our managers conduct skills and competency based interviews. This ensures objectivity and consistency in our approach to selection. The same is true when we promote individuals within the company. We carry out talent planning meetings to discuss the performance and potential of our employees. This information is used to plan training and development including promotions or moves within the business.

Our performance management process also ensures people are treated equally. The documentation ensures an objective review of someone’s performance using tangible deliverables and achievements as evidence in the discussions.
We have a mix of genders and ethnicity in our workforce and we monitor this through our people processes.