Vantage Data Center Campus, Heathrow

Customer: Confidential
Programme: Confidential

The building will be a six floor levels high, each at 5.75 meters in height, with roof top equipment screened from view. The first phase of the building will include some completely fitted out floors and some partially fitted out floors with the remaining space being fitted out as demand dictates.

The facility will house data processing equipment (telecommunications and computers), that will serve various businesses and enterprises that deliver on-line data services to the area. The building will have 24/7 operation with secure access, occasional visitors, and deliveries.

Most of the building area will be comprised of data processing equipment rooms, and the air-conditioning equipment which support those rooms. The building will include fire protection sprinklers and smoke detection systems to provide early warning of any combustion events.

Key features of the new facility:

- Initial Building area – 15,230 square meters building height to roof – 34 meters
- Projected IT electrical load served within building – 20MW projected total building electrical load of building – 26MW
- Roof top equipment above roof – 6 meters
- Number of parking spaces – 17 cars and 12 bikes and delivery vehicle spaces
- Roadway and parking area – 1,068 square meters steel building structure
- Light gauge steel wall framing
- Building facade – glass to office areas, insulated metal panels
- Lifts 3nr in total (two passenger/fire fighter, one freight)
- Building fully fire sprinklered with smoke detection
- Fourteen emergency power diesel generators, 16- 2.6MW with 3nr 120 cubic meter fuel tanks
- Fifteen air cooled chillers on roof, 1.8MW capacity each
- Projected annual water usage and sewer discharge for the initial development – 463,428 litres projected peak water usage/12.0 litres per second
- Fire pump and water storage on site for the ultimate campus