Ealing Studios

Customer: Confidential
Programme: 18 months

The current facilities are now outdated and need to be upgraded and modernised to meet current filming requirements and preserve their position as a ‘creative pioneer’’. The new Ealing Studios re-development will be a rich ecosystem of large and small companies under one roof, working in different but related media businesses with a shared passion for innovation and creativity.

The plans include creating a new, larger sound stage (in addition to the existing stages), as well as four new workshops, offices, a new entrance reception, security, and site hub which will serve as the new face of Ealing Studios. It will involve demolishing and redeveloping part of the site but any listed buildings will not form part of this work.
The architecture will recall the streamlined ‘oceanliner’ aesthetic of the 1930s, moored up alongside Ealing’s famous sound stages, comprising long facades of glass wrapped around curving corners, smooth white walls and fine metal detailing. The arrival court extends through a soaring glazed screen to an impressive and dynamic atrium space alongside a fine dining café, double-height workshops, production spaces and light, bright flexible workspaces.

Around 82,000 sq ft of new office and workshop space will complete Ealing’s transformation into an engine room of creative talent.