Project Bob, Frating


Customer: World Renowned Publishing House
Programme: 42 weeks

Strategic expansion of the publisher’s existing 288,000 sq ft book storage and distribution centre in Frating Essex, providing an additional 148,500 sq ft of warehouse space

In addition to the construction of the automated warehouse extension, additional HGV yards, marshalling areas and loading docks were included in the scheme to deliver a modern storage facility in excess of 436,000 sq ft to suit the changing needs of the business.

Together with the scheme architects UMC and the wider design team we were tasked with reviewing the function and operation of the existing warehouse and distribution facility and wider site in order to get an understanding as to how best to maximise the storage potential onsite whilst minimizing the impact on the existing surroundings and day-to-day business operations.

With the existing facility being part mechanised - including both low bay and high bay storage of product as part of its wider expansion plans, the customer challenged us to investigate the viability of automated storage solutions, ultimately leading to the ‘right sizing’ of the high bay expansion to suit the chosen racking solution.