Catalent, Oxfordshire – Former Vaccine Manufacturing & Innovation Centre (VMIC)


Customer: Harwell Campus
Programme: 86 weeks

The 150,000 sq ft centre is the first-ever, state-of-the-art biologics development and manufacturing facility in the UK. The centre serves as the national response capability for the UK government in order to produce vaccines against future pandemics/ emerging infectious diseases, and deliberate/accidental release of biological agents.

Catalent acquired the site at Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire, and will equip it with state-of-the-art drug substance capabilities for the development and manufacture of biologic therapies and vaccines, including mRNA, proteins and other advanced modalities.

The site will be integrated within Catalent Biologics’ existing network of facilities across Europe to offer an end-to-end solution from development and bio-manufacturing to fill/finish and clinical supply services.

From the initial project stages where the brownfield site required extensive geotechnical investigation and remediation to the creation of a heavily serviced, controlled environment with intricate M&E requirements, this has been a complex and challenging project which has seen our team rise to the task in the delivery of a cutting edge facility.

The facility has four clean rooms, each capable of GMP manufacture, allowing different manufacturing campaigns to be carried out simultaneously. The clean rooms are BSL2 (suitable for production of non-replicating viral vectors and live attenuated viral vaccines.), operating initially at 10ltr and 50-200ltr scales but having the capability to be used at 1000L scale. Manufacturing processes are highly efficient and fully scalable, in preparation for potential licensure.

Catalent at Harwell Campus will be a Centre of Excellence and Innovation for the development of novel vaccines, vaccine-like medicines and manufacturing processes. It will carry out training in GMP manufacture, run vaccine bio-manufacturing symposia and provide expertise in vaccine bio-manufacturing. Working closely with the founding members, who are academic institutions with strong track records in vaccine research and development, including the development of novel viral vector vaccine platforms, vaccine GMP manufacture, and clinical evaluation of vaccines; they will provide IP and cell lines to VMIC.




state-of-the-art biologics development and manufacturing facility in the UK