Glencar has today announced its results for the latest trading period¹ which confirms significant growth driven by key contract wins across the UK and within the key specialist sectors in which it operates.

During the period 29 project instructions were received leading to a growth in revenue up to £145m. To further fuel this growth 50 new employees were hired, and a new office opened in Birmingham to serve a growing number of key clients in the Midlands and North.

Speaking about the results Glencar Managing Director Eddie McGillycuddy said: “From the outset one of the company’s founding principles is to handle growth in a sensible and sustainable manner. By investing in our people, processes and infrastructure we are creating the solid foundations by which to operate and for the business to succeed.

“Despite these unprecedented times we are living in and the obvious social and economic challenges we are faced with, revenue for the period has grown exponentially – driven by key contract wins with a broad range of new customers and through retaining key customer relationships. We have also maintained a high degree of profitability which places Glencar on a strong financial footing.

“We have strengthened our senior leadership team considerably and more than doubled our head count so I am confident we have the right people in the right places to continue to press forward. With a committed forward order book of over £180m Glencar is showing no intention of slowing down and looks forward to 2021 with a firm sense of optimism.

“On behalf of my fellow directors I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the hard work and exceptional efforts of everybody at Glencar to reach this notable achievement”.


¹ Trading period taken over an 18-month period. Glencar made the decision to change their accounting reference date to 30 September, for operational and administration reasons.