A day in the life of Construction Manager Chloe-Paige Herron

March 9th, 2022

As part of a series of posts celebrating International Women’s Day and Women in Construction Week, we are taking a look at a day in the life of some of the wonderful women in the Glencar team. First up is Construction Manager Chloe-Paige Herron:

As a construction manager, there is no typical day, which for me is part of the appeal of the job. My day is dictated by the project’s need.

Before leaving the house, I check my calendar to identify which meetings are scheduled to take place and run through emails that have come in overnight to ensure nothing needs urgent action. I then make a to do list of activities in my notebook that I need to accomplish and people to contact that day, which grows throughout the day.

First step of the day on site is to catch up with all on-site supervisors in a daily action briefing, in which we set out working areas, exclusion zones and coordinate progression of work that day. These are key to identifying any issues that may potentially pop up and giving time to get ahead of them. Next are daily inductions for new subcontractors, followed by a site walkaround, to ensure all plant, scaffold and storage areas are compliant with HSE and GCL standards. I will also be looking at project progress and reviewing the quality of work.

The next few hours are then typically filled with progress meetings with subcontractors, customers and consultants, such as architects, structural engineers and interior designers. Having all interested parties working collaboratively towards a common goal is essential for project success.

In the afternoon is typically when administrative work gets completed, such as reviewing and commenting on all project drawings, replying to emails and making phone calls, typing meeting minutes for distribution, chasing subcontractors and arranging the workload for the weeks ahead by monitoring and adapting the project programme.

Then, there’s a team meeting with the quantity surveyors to scope subcontractor packages, ensure materials orders have been filled, finding alternatives for long lead in items and reviewing valuations and payments. A quick catch up with the site team to check the day’s progress and ensure we are set up for the next day typically rounds off my day. Although while leading the new Glencar head office, my day ends with a phone call to our most valued customer – Glencar!