Baytree Nuneaton has been recognised as the Logistics Matters Development of the Year

February 22nd, 2024

Glencar is delighted to announce that Baytree Nuneaton has been recognised as the Logistics Matters Development of the Year, signifying a groundbreaking shift in sustainable construction within the industrial and logistics sector.

Innovative Features

The Rhenus Campus incorporates two warehouses, with one spanning 210,000 sq. ft. and the other an impressive 771,000 sq. ft. Notably, it introduces a pioneering three-story 30,000 sq. ft. office headquarters constructed entirely from cross-laminated timber (CLT) and Glulam – a groundbreaking use of timber in a large-scale industrial setting, delivering significant embodied carbon savings and supporting carbon sequestration.

Sustainability at Its Core

Designed with reference to the UK Green Building Council Framework Definition for Net Zero Carbon Buildings, The Rhenus Campus stands as an exemplary example of sustainability. It aims to achieve substantial reductions in whole-life carbon emissions and is poised to support Rhenus’ customers in achieving their own net-zero goals. The site features on-site renewable energy generation through solar panels, further contributing to its low-carbon footprint.

Sustainable Design and Biodiversity

The architecture embraces biophilic design, integrating nature and human activity seamlessly. Green walls and ample natural light invigorate the environment, promoting well-being. Sustainable building materials minimise the ecological footprint, while biodiversity initiatives create thriving ecosystems beyond the site. The development’s BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ certification for Unit 1 epitomises sustainable design excellence.

Leading the Way

The Rhenus Campus sets new benchmarks, not only in environmental responsibility but also in social sustainability within the logistics sector. It stands as an exceptional demonstration of sustainable excellence, achieved through collaboration and ingenuity. Vibrant community spaces encourage social interaction, benefiting both employees and the wider community. Baytree Nuneaton’s legacy is an enduring testament to the possibilities of eco-friendly development, inspiring a greener future for all.