Data Centres

Sector Overview

Delivering reliable and sustainable Data Centers for tomorrow

Data center construction is a high-growth industry in the UK, as more and more businesses and organisations seek to store, manage, and process their data in secure and reliable facilities. There are challenges associated with building data centers due to the complex nature of these facilities and associated digital infrastructure needing to be intertwined with challenging engineering works.

Glencar brings together expertise in data center construction across our team and our understanding of the UK regulatory environment to every project. Our people also understand the complex regulatory requirements of the sector, such as achieving certifications such as Uptime Institute Tier Certification.

With a focus on sustainability, reliability, and security, we are poised to play a key role in meeting the growing demand for data center construction in the UK.


We are highly focused on growing our presence in the data center construction sector, recognising the significant demand for these facilities in today’s digital age. Our business has demonstrated a strong commitment to building long-term partnerships with customers in the wider construction industry, more recently, working closely with Data Center customers and consultants to understand their unique needs for bespoke solutions.

Our expertise in data center construction is underpinned by an experienced team of project managers, engineers, and construction professionals, who have delivered major Data Center schemes previously across Europe.


Building data centers is a highly complex process that requires meticulous attention to detail, precise planning, and a deep understanding of the technological and regulatory requirements involved. We have a strong ability to tackle the unique challenges associated with building data centers, including the need for robust mechanical and electrical infrastructure, the demand for energy efficiency, uninterrupted power and the requirement for highly secure and reliable facilities.

We also place a strong emphasis on sustainability, incorporating energy-efficient design features and sustainable construction practices into its data center projects.

Project Highlights

Vantage Data Center Campus, Heathrow

Client: Confidential

Programme: Confidential

Large London Data Centre to house data processing equipment (telecommunications and computers), that will serve various businesses and enterprises that deliver on-line data services to the area. The building will have 24/7 operation with secure access, occasional visitors, and deliveries… read more