Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Sector Overview

Building Britain’s medicinal manufacturing infrastructure

With extensive experience and expertise in construction and project management, Glencar has successfully delivered a number of manufacturing facilities for customers in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector. This sector is particularly important to us and a cornerstone of our plan for further growth in the next 5 years.

Life science and pharmaceuticals buildings encompass complex controlled environments which require significant expertise in engineering and design to ensure they are appropriately optimised, efficient and fit for purpose.

Glencar uses data-driven design tools and BIM to enable the close integration of architecture with structural and building services design, and the creation of smart and flexible facilities which represent maximum value for stakeholders.

Understanding the nuances

The pharmaceutical sector has unique requirements and challenges that must be considered when designing and constructing facilities. This involves attention to detail in the design and construction of the facility, including the materials used, the layout of the facility, and the installation of systems such as HVAC, cleanrooms, and utility services. Additionally, there is often a need for specialised equipment and processes, such as those required for sterile manufacturing or containment of hazardous materials.

Specialist team

Given these nuances, construction in the pharmaceutical sector requires a high level of expertise, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the unique regulatory and operational requirements of the industry.

We have designated sector leadership in this area, supported by a team of in-house pre-construction and delivery specialists that are tried and tested when it comes to managing pharmaceutical construction projects from design to completion.

Unique lessons learnt

We have learned several valuable lessons that have helped to improve outcomes in this sector. One of the most significant is the importance of early engagement with a range of complex stakeholders from the outset, including the occupier, to ensure that all perspectives are aligned. Another critical lesson is the need for careful coordination of equipment and systems installation, as well as commissioning and validation, to ensure that the facility is fully operational and compliant with stringent regulatory requirements.

Project Highlights


Moderna, Harwell, Oxfordshire

Client: Harwell Campus

Programme: Confidential

Glencar has been awarded the contract to construct a new Moderna Innovation and Technology centre (MITC) at the Harwell Health Technology Campus in Oxfordshire… read more


Catalent, Oxfordshire – Former Vaccine Manufacturing & Innovation Centre (VMIC)


Client: Harwell Campus

Programme: 86 weeks

The former Vaccine Manufacturing & Innovation Centre (VMIC) in Oxfordshire was to become the first-ever facility dedicated for the development and manufacturing of vaccines in the UK, upon its completion. The site was subsequently acquired by US pharmaceutical firm Catalent in April 2022… read more